Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Building, day 4

Fred, I guess, didn't have enough fun with computers when he helped out that first day we got the thin clients calling, so he volunteered to help in the shop, too! Ed, as well, put in a full day. We got lots done and I started to see that painting is going to take a lot longer than anticipated.

It seems like a big shape for this table is the trapezoid. Fred cut lots of trapezoids today. Since Ed cut squares, does that make him a square? ;-)
Together, we discussed the exact dimensions of the grove in which the glass will rest. While this seems straightforward, of course it isn't. Our biggest doubt was how deep to cut this groove. The glass for the tables is quarter inch tempered glass: sturdy stuff. We'll be using a thin foam strip laid along the groove to support the glass. How much will this foam, which is fairly cushy, compress? This of course affects our decision on the depth of cut. Ed and Fred cut lots of groves. Does that mean they had a groovy time? ;-)
We overestimated the amount the foam compresses and thus the glass rests a bit high we found in our tests afterward. Oh well, it's all great. There are ** always** workarounds.

I got at least a couple of hours of painting done and you can see I finished painting 2 stacks of three tables. Poco a Poco.

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