Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Building, day 2

A chisel will nicely knock out this notch in the 2x6
Today just Ed and I attacked the job. A first and a second coat of poly to the plywoods' backside started and ended our day--same approach as yesterday.

Eddie, cutting 2 foot legs
Between these times we...cut. 96 legs, 48 cross-pieces, notched. The really fun part though started upon realizing that we needed to assemble a next draft of the table as there had been a few changes since the previous prototype.

a bunch of cross-pieces notched. Many to go...
Somehow, despite heaps of forethought, a few details of the construction process were still hazy. As the two of us assembled a table from the prepared parts we solidified the process a bit more. I really need to make a Flow map (a kind of 'Thinking Tool') of this process. We'll see if this materializes :-). After assembly (90% of it, that is) we continued to reflect on the details of the assembly process and further improved it. These improvements will strengthen the table and ease its assembly.

I wish we had finished constructing that 1 table! Maybe tomorrow morn...

about 11 person-hours of work

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