Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Building, day 1

Ed and I finally got tools moved into the shop and got things set up. Nice of Brian N. to encourage broad use of 'his' school shop. After a couple of hours Christen arrived and joined the fray. Painting the hardwood plywood with polyurethane made these sheets even more beautiful. Although, perhaps it was the fumes effect on our brains that made things look...great.

Our painting process was good: One person applied the poly with a roller, the other person brushed it in with a 3" brush. This seemed extremely efficient. We waited about 3 hours and applied a second coat. It was important for the brusher to follow closely behind the roller, else the poly got sticky and brushing difficult. Having just the right amount of poly on the roller was critical. We left the polyed wood overnight to dry thoroughly.

Bracketed by the painting sessions, we started the wood cutting. We've got lots of wood to cut. We've got lots of parts to assemble.

I'd like to attribute a bit. James W. emphasized the idea of maximizing the distance between the lower and upper table tops--arguing the gain in space was more important than the excess in table height. The table is a collection in compromises between confilicting design variables. Gary U had also argued this point. This space is awesome--allows for the thin clients (ie old Pentium III's) as well as the LCD display's, keyboard and mice.

about 13 person-working-hours

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