Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So Ed said... why don't you make it out of wood? This was after a discussion about PVC looking ugly and not its, non-enviro-friendly character. Here are a couple of picts of the prototype for these tables:
So, I told him that... and I realized that the reasons why I couldn't use wood were, well, outdated. Long ago, over 2 years for sure, I tried to figure how to make the table out of wood and I was scarred/scared away from it due to my previous, "6 tables in 1 summer" table-making venture. There were too many design challenges back then and I couldn't see solutions so I moved to PVC construction--appealing to my tinker-toy-assembling-kid mind. Here John is showing the structure of the table legs:

Here are a couple of picts of the scale model which I took around to parties for 2 years :) asking for feedback...
Well, over the 2 years of working on the PVC design I solved many of the design problems so now, Ed and I quickly and almost effortlessly hammered out a wood-based design. I was excited. Lower-tech, cheaper, nicer-looking, more-appealing on many levels including eco-friendly.

This is a perfect example of what I mentioned in my last post--2 minds are better (5-fold? 10-fold?)--than 1. We'll see how the construction goes, this weekend...

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