Monday, June 16, 2008

Building prototype 2: wood

I must admit up front that the last time I built wood tables for this project I spent 6 weeks, full time so I felt a bit gun-shy committing to table building. Good news! It only took about 4 hours to build this prototype, out of scrap wood at that! With cutting/gluing/screwing jigs set up, I imagine a few people could create the 24 tables needed in a day. At most :)

As you can see this is a very simple design: 2x4's are 2 feet long, 2x6's are 4 feet long and the only cut required are the notches in the middle of the 2x6's to allow them to fit together.

Here it is a bit further along in the construction...

Like the color/design of the square support structure for the glass insert for the table top? Think: scrap wood.

And finally below that you see the top structure and bottom structure affixed. Really quite simple.

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