Friday, June 20, 2008

98 pieces of wood doesn't sound that much...

I left my house at 7:08 this morning and except for lunch and quick soccer game with Johnny I worked until 4:15 this afternoon getting 98 pieces of wood. Well, I guess I got all the electrical and paint for the tables, too.

Some of plywood, 2x4 and 2x6's, extension cords, paint-stain-polyurethane...

Electrical stuff shown on top of one of the original computer-embedded tables.

Below is a screen shot of expenditures for the materials for 24 computer tables, minus the screws and glue (which I have). Next to that photo is an image of the wood stacked in the hallway at Roosevelt. Next wood-pictures will be in-process images :-)

Yesterday James, Ed and I final-final-finalized the design for the table, still making a few important changes. I can't speak enough for social intelligence, also called group intelligence or collective intelligence. As I don't see how it's possible to quantify quality unless it's referenced to some measurable criteria (and thus is no longer quality!), I oughtn't have said this team synergy improves the design 5 or 10 fold. How can you quantify creativity? Inadaquately, at best.

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